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Did I die?
Nothingís happened on my website for a very long time, leading some of you to suspect that I died without bothering to tell anybody. No, I havenít died. Iíve been busyóand here at last is the fruit to prove itóTOO MANY: How Population Growth Leads Us Inexorably into the GREAT FAMINE, WORLD WAR, GOING DARK, And EXTINCTION. If that title sounds hysterical, look at the book on Amazon. Itís an e-book, and the first author is Justin Ferguson. What I contributed is relatively minoróeditorial assistance and just enough rewriting and small additions to get my name on the book as co-author. But it meant months of nitty-gritty work, which is why Iíve virtually disappeared.
So, to those who have asked (or wondered but not asked), my apologies. Iím not dead, Iím in good health, Iím writing. Science fiction, you ask? Not at present. When Iím not researching overpopulation, Iím deeper and deeper into the lives of ancient Roman women. Yes, Femina Habilis really will appear, but not yet. And the main publication will be online. Itís too big to pack even into several volumes. Iíll let you know.

And it still goes on. In the Name of Heaven: 3000 Years of Religious Persecution (see "My Works" page for details) was nominated for Washington State University's "Common Reader" program, but didn't make the cut. This program, like similar ones at some other universities, chooses one book every year to give to every entering freshman. It's a great idea, and I wish In the Name of Heaven had been chosen--not just because I could use the money, but because I really think it's important for as many people as possible to read it. I'm still pursuing the same question that drives almost all my work, whether fiction or non-fiction: How can we deal with the inescapable fact that people do horrible things to each other? Religion has been one of the most powerful engines of such horribleness, and--whatever our own convictions--we all need to understand that.

E-readers take note! My novels Arslan and Wheel of the Winds are both available as e-books, as well as paperbacks. You can buy them from many sources, including Diesel eBooks.com, eBookMall.com, fictionwise.com, and others.

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New (never sold or used), signed copies of some of my out-of-print books are available from small book sellers. The following out-of-print titles are currently available:
Rainbow Man
Wheel of the Winds
(British edition)
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Science fiction fans know me as M.J. Engh, author of Arslan and other books. I'm also an independent scholar of Roman history, and in that field I write as Mary Jane Engh. This website is for talking about both those interests, and maybe a few more. Come right in!

For those of you who have asked, ďBut where can I find your other stories?Ē you'll find all my published fiction listed on the My Works page, with bibliographic information and notes about how I came to write each story.

For those interested in real history, there's In the Name of Heaven, which is, so far as I know, the only general history of religious persecution in English. Then take a look at Femina Habilis, a major non-fiction project that will eventually bring together information on thousands of women who played practical roles in Roman history.

Selected Works

Current Affairs
An e-book by Justin Ferguson and Mary Jane Engh, available through Amazon. Historical basis, present status, and possible futures of the human population explosion.
The first English-language general history of religious persecution worldwide, from ancient Egypt through 1900.
A Biographical Dictionary of Active Women in the Ancient Roman World from Earliest Times to 527 CE. Co-authored with Kathryn E. Meyer.
Science Fiction
A third-world dictator sets out to save the planet in his own way. "One of the finest works of fiction of our generation."
A woman starshipper settles on an idyllic planet and discovers the road to hell. "A chilling depiction of reason in the service of unreason."
An epic of planetary circumnavigation. "Excellent validation for the idea that Engh is a major writer."
Children's Fantasy
Nine boys face 20 vicious robbers, in the mysterious House where no one is ever seen going in or out.

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